10 Healthy Morning Habits That Boost Weight Loss

morning habits that boost weight loss

We all want to get rid of that extra pound and look lean and fit at all times. I am obsessed and desperate to lose those stubborn fats hugging my waist for quite a long time now.

Often I find myself dreaming of fitting into that body-hugging sexy outfit or getting that bikini body. The thoughts may seem pleasant, but the procedure demands a hell lot of hard work.

Doesn’t it?

Well, at least that is what you thought all this while. A little exercise is always good for your body, but a good number of other procedures also exist to lose weight, both effortlessly and fastidiously.

Let me be honest; exercising is not everyone’s cup of tea; neither is following a well-sorted healthy diet.

Not being a fan of either of the existing standard procedures, I had spent a lot of time digging into some detailed research on what different methods to adapt otherwise? A sudden thought triggered me, so what if I hate exercising and dieting?

That doesn’t mean that I will remain fat forever. Why don’t I somewhat change my everyday morning habits?

Experts suggest that your morning routine decides precisely how the rest of the day is going to be.

From successful athletes to great philosophers, they all maintain an excellent morning routine. Keep reading to find out how you can lose those extra pounds that often felt impossible to lose.

Best Morning Habits That Boost Weight Loss


1. Wake Up Before The Sun

Morning Habits That boost Weight loss - wake up before the sun

This procedure tops our list. Go to bed early and challenge the sun that you are going to wake up before him.

To be 100% honest with you, waking up before the sun can be brutal initially, but once you set your mind to it, after the first 7-days, you will be up even before the alarm clock buzzes.

But, how is this going to trigger weight loss?

Well, for starters, now you have a lot of free time in the morning. The world is asleep, your mind is fresh, and you can do anything you enjoy doing. Get some medication done, read a book, or start a new hobby, gardening, for instance.

Multiple experts suggest that those early morning rays of the sun can give way to noticeable weight loss.

What happens is, when you wake up early and get bathed under the first rays of the sun, your body experiences a lower body mass index (BMI) irrespective of your age, daily diet, and the activities you practice.

The internal biological clock in your body now goes through proper regularization. Always make sure that you get a fair and complete night’s sleep of a minimum of 8 hours daily.

Did you know that a satisfying night’s sleep can improve your metabolism and help the slimming down procedure by making it a lot easier?


2. Drink One Glass Of Water & Lemon

Morning Habits that Boost Weight Loss - drink one glass of lemon water 

Some of us wake up hungry, while most others feel nothing at all. I am among those individuals who do not feel hungry right after I am out of bed.

Hence, adapting to this habit was quite a challenging task for me. Multiple experts recommend this painless procedure that initiates significant weight loss.

Lemon undoubtedly carries some impressive health benefits in it, so imagine the immense amount of health benefits it can offer when you consume it daily together with water, that too every single morning.

A glass of water and lemon tastes pretty good. It features to be a refreshing drink for the early morning hours.

The best way to blend this mixture is to use lukewarm water when making the drink. When you sip into this tasty combination, your metabolism experiences an immediate and exception boost the first thing in the morning.

No matter how much water you drink all through the day, breaking the fast by consuming this healthy drink in an empty stomach gives your metabolism an impressive and immense kick.

This drink not only makes you look slimmer and gives you a flat stomach in the long run but gets boosted with some good antioxidants. It is just not your body that benefits from it, but your skin also looks more hydrated and flawless at the same time.


3. Make Your Bed Right Away

Oh Yes! Make your bed the moment your sleep is complete, and you are up to start your day.

Making your bed is critically essential and hence is the immediate runner waking up early in the morning.

One of the main reasons this method is necessary is that it will solely prevent you from going back to bed or oversleeping. Once you have made your bed, there is no going back to sleep any longer.

Your temptation to sleep more and your lazy morning attitude gets exclusively broken. Suppose you wake up at 5 in the morning, get some yoga and meditation done on seeing that unmade bed that attracts you to tuck yourself in and get some sleep again. The entire morning routine gets spoiled; you end up being late for work or school, and also, your whole morning session now feels like it all was for nothing.

Making the bed requires some effort and body movement too. It helps in giving your sleepy head a sudden boost of energy.

This rapid body movement right after you step out of bed gives way to efficient weight loss.

Sleeping is heavenly, I know! But what stands to be even more gorgeous is waking up early, making your bed, and getting the day started with some healthy habits or hobbies. Practice it for consistent 7-days and observe a noticeable difference within a short period.


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4. Do A Few Workouts

Morning Habits that Boost Weight Loss - do a few workoutsNow that you are already up and fully hydrated, start doing some exercise. Once you start following this pattern, you will start seeing some noticeable and healthy differences in your life.

Working out won’t seem like a burden but would instead feel like a habit to you. In no matter of time, you will feel the urge coming from inside, asking you to get up and work out.

Don’t worry if you do not like getting some hardcore exercises done. Begin with some relaxing stretches, warming up moves, and boosting some short cardio exercises.

The benefits of working out are massive, and working out during the early morning hours is even more beneficial.

You feel good throughout the day; your metabolism experiences an attractive boost, and you just woke up your body in a healthy way.

The total amount of time you exercise decides upon the amount of weight you lose in the long run.

Did you know that a 15 mins workout in the morning is equivalent to an hour of working out during the late hours of the day?

Your body takes in the initial dose of energy from among your fat storage. Thus, it stands to be the most appropriate reason you should exercise before you have your breakfast.

This process helps your body to shed those stubborn fats more efficiently.


5. Take A High-Protein Breakfast

take a high protein breakfastt

You got up, hydrated yourself, and did some free-hand exercise. Pat yourself on the back as it was your first day and you successfully did it all, that too without having breakfast.

Now, it’s time to dig on a big healthy meal. Wait; be aware you consume a healthy meal and nothing apart from that.

Now that you have started staying fit and looking fit, eating healthy is what follows next.

Your breakfast should contain only protein-rich, fiber-based, nutritious edibles. This type of meal will keep you full for an extended period. Your cravings get diminished, and so does your calorie intake.

That is not all; your metabolism gets a kick start, your appetite gets curbed, and together they give way to significant weight loss. Now that your stomach is full, you won’t get the cravings for snacking now and then.

Your stomach remains satisfied, and so does your immune system. Did you know that eating healthy also puts you in a good mood?

Well, it surely does. Your breakfast is one of the most important meals that you consume throughout the day, so finishing a well-sorted and healthy one will quite effectively help you get rid of those extra fats.


6. Drink Lots of Water

drink lots of waterWater is a complete calorie-free drink. From now on, every time you feel the urge to sip on some drinks, always go for water. It is pure, refreshing, can be readily available anytime, and fits one’s pocket pinch satisfactorily.


Stop stretching out for those artificially sweetened sugary soft drinks and choose water instead. The more water you consume, the more weight loss you initiate.

Staying hydrated is necessary. It additionally keeps you feeling fresh, makes you look slimmer and flawless in the long run.

The best procedure to lose weight through drinking lots of water requires you to consume one whole glass of water before having any meal.

For those times when you unnecessarily feel like having a snack, drink water instead. Water submerges your hunger for a reasonable period by keeping you fit healthily without adding any unit of extra calories in your system.


7. Prep Your Lunch

prep your lunch

When you start maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you must become independent and depend less on others.

Your cook won’t understand the optimum quantity of edibles that demands to get included in your diet in the current situation.

Prepare your lunch. Measure the quantities well and use them in optimum amounts whatever is necessary.

Every time you set your mind on deciding what to cook and what not to, you dually understand the importance of the healthy ingredients.

Now that you have to bear the trouble of preparing your lunch, you naturally exclude the unnecessary stuff and include the most essential of all.

You would not enjoy cooking extra stuff. It would not add to your benefit in any way. You will instead get tired, and the unhealthy items will hamper your healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, when you make your lunch, your cravings for snacks get automatically diminished. Your health won’t have to consider consuming those extra calories anymore.


8. Track Your Food Intake

track your food intake

Everything is excellent and looks impressive as long you are 100% aware of whatever you are consuming all day long.

Tracking your food intake is one of the best morning habits that boost your weight loss goal.

All this hard work will go in vain if you start gulping in fast foods and sweetened beverages.

Be cautious of what you eat and how much calories you intake. Ensure the number of calories you intake is of optimum level compared to your height and weight. Consult your dietitian for attaining perfection.

Consume fiber-based and protein-rich food every time you feel hungry. This meal will not only keep you full for a long time but will dually improve and boost your overall metabolism.

Stop sneaking around on junk food and eat healthy snacks instead. Start consuming black coffee and parallel other sugarless drinks. Opt for natural fruit juices and plain water whenever you feel the urge to get hydrated.

The best policy to be 100% cautious of what you consume is simple. Start using small bowls. Unplug yourself when taking your meals.

Did you know that color plays a vital role in deciding what we eat and how much we eat?

As per experts, they suggest that eating in a red plate will automatically make you cautious of what you eat and how much you consume in one sitting.


9. Pack a Snack For Later

pack a snack for later

No matter where I am going, I always pack my snacks since I started waking up early and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What you feed your body with concerns a lot when you have decided to initiate weight loss. Your diet plays a crucial role at this stage.

No, don’t consume less. Eat every time you feel hungry, but make sure whatever you eat is healthy.

Pack your snack, cause whatever available outside is not-so-good for your health. Every time you pack your snack, you complete a further step to becoming a master chef and save some fair amount of money in the process.

I used to spend a wholesome when I snacked out randomly. Later, when I compared my lifestyle, I found that I saved a fair amount when I started preparing my lunches and snacks daily.

Salads, carrots, nutritious nuts like almond, baked snacks, and snacks with low salt content are some of the most delicious snacks to dig into during this time.

It is high time you take out those Tupperware and carry your self-made snacks from now on.


10. Chew Your Food

chew your foodDid you know that you can gain weight when you chew your food carelessly and a lot too quickly? That is not all; you can even suffer from other critical health issues if this practice gets continued.

Put down your cell phone; keep your eyes on the plate, and your mind on whatever you are chewing. Chew properly, don’t just gulp it all in. Break down the edibles and swallow it next.

When you chew cautiously, which is hardly ever noticed, your speed gets diminished, and when you eat slowly, you eat less.

Chewing every food particle properly also initiates a decrease in the amount of your calorie intake. This eating process also jointly increases the fullness of your hormones.

Overeating is a result of eating quickly. On the other hand, eating slowly and chewing well gives way to eating less and the optimal consumption of all things necessary.

This method is one of the easiest ways to lose some of those unhealthy pounds from your body. It is so simple; you need to be aware of how well you chew your food.


Bottom Line

These are the best morning habits that boost your weight loss journey.

I hope they will be useful and promote satisfactory results in your case too. Enjoy the perks of weight loss and live life to the fullest.


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