13 Great Foods to Eat While On an Intermittent Fasting Diet

foods to eat while intermittent diet

Intermittent fasting is also known as time-restricted fasting. Intermittent fasting has become a popular weight loss diet among celebs.

This diet includes a restriction on when to eat and on how much you can eat but not necessarily on what to eat.

But during a limited food taking like intermittent fasting, it is important to fuel up your body with rich nutrients and with healthy foods.

Here’s our list of intermittent fasting foods that will make you ample and get you down from hungry.

Before going into the list, clear about what exactly is intermittent fasting.


What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting includes a simple concept of eating something whatever you want but only in a specific time period/gap, to simplify this can be stated as a concept of energy restriction.

This fasting diet includes staying for periods like 16, 18, and 24 hours without eating but with limitations.

Not eating for long hours will lower your blood sugar and insulin levels which ultimately makes your fat burn and this process must be done at a moderate level than being aggressive, although it has some side effects it surely works.

This can be done easily with proper research and by allowing limited foods. Also, intermittent fasting provides countless health benefits like healthy weight loss, improved health and balanced blood sugar level, and many more.

Are you new to this style of eating? Need help to get started? Well, we’ve come up with a list of great foods to add to your IF diet.


Great Foods to Eat While on Intermittent Fasting Diet:


Drink a Lot of Water:

intermittent fasting foods - drink a lot of water

Water is a great hungry disaster. And the most important characteristic of maintaining a healthy diet while on intermittent fasting is staying hydrated.

Staying hydrated is important for many reasons like health and to maintain healthy metabolic levels to flush out any kind of toxins from your body.

Dehydration may cause headaches, Heat exhaustion, and lightheadedness. Taking 8+decent cups of water is sufficient to avoid dehydration.

If drinking raw water doesn’t seem good to you or hard to intake periodically, add a squeezed lemon into it along with a few mint leaves. This can aid your body with additional electrolytes and can even help in weight loss.



intermittent fasting foods - coffee

Yes, coffee can be allowed on an intermittent fasting day by avoiding artificial sweeteners and raw/boiled milk.

Black coffee is absolutely a low-calorie beverage which can even help to keep you full, this can boost your fiber intake and can even tackle stress and anxiety.

Also, taking natural state coffee on an intermittent fasting day gives you some health benefits like maintaining a healthy blood sugar level for a long time.


Plain Tea:

plain tea

Plain tea is a great no-calorie, no sugar, no salt fluid which is a great option to chase hungry while fasting. So go ahead drink as much as you want throughout the day.

One can even prefer green tea over plain tea, this could be one of the best-added lists in intermitting fasting foods as it has more antioxidants in it which can infuse more resistant power to the body.

Additional nutrients in the green tea will increase brain functioning, can help you with weight loss and one can build stable conditions by avoiding risks of cancer.



intermittent fasting foods - nuts

Compared to many other snacks, nuts are usually high in calories. As they contain essential minerals and vitamins they are something very good to you on normal or fasting days.

All varieties of nuts are known for purifying your body fat and to extend your lifespan.

Research suggests that mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fat in walnuts are good for reducing the hunger rate.




During a weight loss diet, eating carbohydrates seems a bit different. But, eating carbs during intermittent fasting is essential to get adequate energy.

Whole grains are high in protein, fiber, carbs which keeps you full for longer. Also, a study suggests that taking whole grains/minimally processed grains instead of highly processed grains can boost your metabolism at a faster rate.

The best metabolism rate obtained from the grains and food habits can tackle obesity, which is the ultimate goal for the people who are looking to start intermittent fasting.




During intermittent fasting, foods that provide sustainable energy are important to stay steady. Barley along with oatmeal is a perfect energy booster.

Their combination contains a type of fiber called beta-glucan which balances your blood sugar level and doesn’t quickly make you feel hungry.


Green Veggies:

intermittent fasting foods - green veggies

Veggies like broccoli, green beans, cauliflower are the best options and also leafy greens like kale, spinach, etc.

These are all fiber-rich foods and as we know fiber foods are known to keep your stomach feel full. And most importantly fiber is the thing you need while on an intermittent fast.

If a cup of raw or cooked veggies doesn’t excite you, add some spices to taste and pinch a lemon juice. Spices like cinnamon power are the best option.


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There many reasons behind there to eat fish. Fish is a rich source of healthy fats and proteins and contains sufficient amounts of vitamin D.

Also, the healthy diet lines suggest that eating eight ounces of fish per week is important to lengthen your life. And a type of fish called salmon is high in brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids.




Potatoes are one of the white foods around which are not all the time bad for you. These are packed with a protein source that takes minimal time to digest from your body.

You can happily add potatoes in your weight loss diet because these are known as most satiating foods.

Potatoes are a perfect post-workout snack to try if you love to do regular workout. But remember to avoid potatoes chips and french fries(Mainly oil-infused fried items).




Eating Avacado is seems to be illogical when it comes to weight loss because avocados are the highest-calorie fatty fruits. But monosaturated fat in avocado is more than enough for you while fast.

Also, studies also saying that eating half of the avocado while your lunch will promote fullness for longer hours.




This delicious super fruit is high in fiber which helps to keep your stomach full. These tiny little fruits are also rich in vitamin C and contain other important minerals and vitamins.

A full cup of Raspberries gives you a high quantity of fiber and a limited amount of fat.


Blue Berries:


Blueberries are a rich source of antioxidants and wild blueberries are even higher at antioxidants.

Studies have shown that antioxidants eradicate radicals and damaged dead skin cells and promote youthfulness.

Youthfulness is basically due to the anti-oxidant process. That why these tiny little things very good for you while maintaining a diet.




Hummus is a well-known healthiest creamy dip, which is made from chickpeas. It is a very good source of plant-based protein.

Hummus is the best thing to increase the nutritional value of your dishes like sandwiches.



Intermittent fasting is a successful healthy diet as it is extremely easy to follow. With basic guidelines, one can easily reach their weight loss goal through the IF diet.

Do go through medical checkups, as if your body needs more caloric values this diet plan can harm you rather than giving benefits.

Make sure you take care of not being hungry, avoid overeating, avoid feeling tired, keep hydrated. Mainly have a healthy diet with intermittent fasting to overcome nutritional deficiencies.


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