13 Best Foods To Lower Your Blood Pressure

foods to lower blood pressure

Have you diagnosed with high blood pressure and tested positive? Then you are not alone. Global estimate stated that more than 31% of the world’s adult population that is nearly 1.39 billion people, tested positive for High blood pressure or Hyper Tension.

And if this trend continues these numbers may preferably rise to 35 percent by 2025 which can eventually pose public health burden.

Well, high blood pressure is a major health issue affecting not only old people but also many younger ones who are just close to 18.

Your lifestyle plays a vital role in treating your High Blood Pressure. Meditation, Dietary changes, and other lifestyle modifications can help to reduce your numbers while reducing the risk of heart strokes.

In these, changing diet to healthy foods is the most significant step to lower your high BP, both right way and in the long term.

In this article, I’ve put a list of foods that could help to beat your high blood pressure and keep in down.


What Is High Blood Pressure/Hypertension:

In general terms, blood pressure is nothing but the pressure of blood pushing towards the walls of your arteries, as arteries are the main functional parts as they carry blood from the heart to other parts of the body. Any additional damage to them creates a high effect on heart function.

High blood sugar is the condition where the results held tightening of small arteries called arterioles, as these arterioles regulate blood flow tightening of them create additional pressure and results in heart strokes.


Effects Of High Blood Sugar On Health:

As we already mentioned above high blood sugar affects your arteries by hardening them. Which can eventually create a blood clot and results in various heart diseases.

High BP also results in an additional burden on kidneys as the blood flow is affected. This could even show an impact on your eyes by effecting tiny capillaries in the retina of our eyes. In the worst-case scenarios, this can lead to permanent blindness.

Yes! High blood pressure is a health state we need to worry about. But taking precautionary steps can keep your blood level balanced.

The first step to maintain your health condition is to maintain a proper diet plan, So here the list of foods to lower your blood pressure.


Foods To Lower Your Blood Pressure:

1. Dark Chocolate

foods to lower blood pressure - dark chocolate

If you’re a chocolate lover, here is some good news for you.

A study on dark chocolate has found that eating dark chocolate is associated with a lower risk of getting Cardiovascular Disease(CVD).

And, a review of 15 trials shows that cocoa-rich chocolates reduce blood pressure in people who hold hypertension.

Get a bar of high-quality dark chocolate containing a minimum of 70% cocoa and consume it every day for good results. You can take dark chocolate with yogurt or eat it with fruits like some Strawberries, Blueberries, or Raspberries as a healthy dessert.

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2. Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are essentially rich in Fiber, Iron, Potassium, and Magnesium. Potassium helps your kidneys to get rid of high sodium content. This will manage your blood pressure.

Some of the leafy greens which are high in potassium include Kale, Romaine Lettuce, Beet Greens, Spinach, Arugula, Mustard Greens, Swiss Chard, etc. They are also great sources of fiber.

Leafy greens are also rich in nitrates. Some researchers are suggesting that eating 1-2 serving of these leafy greens reduces hypertension up to 24 hours.


3. Berries

foods to lower blood pressure - berries

Berries, especially blueberries, contain antioxidant compounds called Anthocyanins, Flavonols, and Polyphenols. Flavonoids are known for the prevention of hypertension and help to lower blood pressure.

Apart from these, berries are also loaded with Fiber, Potassium, and vitamin C. These tiny fruits can boost your heart health by improving your blood pressure.

Berries can be easily incorporated as a snack or sweet treat after meals or frozen berries as a quick dessert.


4. Bananas

Eating bananas is not only a great option to keep you full, but also to keep your blood pressure under control.

Bananas are loaded with Potassium, plays a vital role in managing high blood pressure. A medium-sized banana contains about 422 milligrams of potassium. So, these are better alternatives than taking supplements.

Being a potassium-rich food, this healthy snack counteracts any foods which have high sodium content.

You can easily take this healthy food as a breakfast or snack along with a boiled egg.


5. Oatmeal

foods to lower your blood pressure - oatmeal

This Budget-friendly food can fits your bill with its high fiber, low fat, and low sodium content. These properties of oats are making this recipe an ideal snack for controlling blood pressure.

Eating oatmeal as breakfast is a perfect choice if you want to fuel up your entire day.

Oats contain a type of fiber called Beta-Glucan which reduces the blood cholesterol levels. According to research, Beta-Glucan also lowers blood pressure. Barley also contains this soluble fiber.

Soak 1/2 cup of rolled oats and 1/2 cup of nut milk in a jar for overnight. In the morning, stir it and add some berries to taste.


6. Red Beets

Researchers are suggesting that beets contain high-level inorganic nitrate causes a reduction in blood pressure. Drinking beet juice can reduce blood pressure in the long and short term.

Drink a glass of beet juice every day, for many, it brought their blood pressure within the normal levels.

You can easily cook them or you can juice your beets and simply eat the whole root.


7. Pistachios


These healthy nuts can aid your hypertension. Eating pistachios is a healthy way to improve your heart rate and reduce the blood-vessel tightening. And also, some studies found that including pistachios in a diet in your day helps in reducing blood pressure. So all of these qualities help your heart to stay healthy.

Almonds are also shown similar effects as pistachios.

So, include pistachios into your diet via crusts, sauce, salads, or eat them plain as a snack.

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8. Salmon

Salmon, a type of fatty fish, which is a great source of lean protein.

While adding fatty foods may seem like no place in high blood pressure reducing diet, but fatty fish like salmon are an exception to this rule.

Salmon is loaded with heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, which can help to reduce inflammation and can get your blood pressure in a control range. It can also reduce your risk of getting heart disease.

Another benefit of eating this fish is, these are quite easy to cook and favor.


9. Watermelon


Another on-budget food, loaded with high water content helps to promote overall health.

Watermelon contains an amino acid, citrulline. Citrulline helps our body to produce nitric acid, a gas that relaxes blood vessels and endorse flexibility in arteries. These effects can aid blood flow, which can lower high blood pressure.

Apart from this, watermelon is also enriched with fiber, vitamin A, potassium, and lycopene. Research reveals that patients with prehypertension who added watermelon in their diet have seen some significant changes in their blood pressure.


10. Drink Skimmed Milk

I prefer to drink skimmed milk over full-fat milk. Skim milk is an excellent source of calcium, vitamin D, and is low in fat.

These are the important elements in a diet for lowering blood pressure and also to strengthen your bones.

It is also beneficial for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.


11. Pomegranates


These healthy fruits have come with many health benefits. Anyone can enjoy this healthy fruit as raw or as a juice.

A recent study has concluded that drinking one cup of pomegranate juice for 28 days can lower your high blood pressure over the short term.

Try to prepare this juice on your own, because many store-bought juices have high sugar content.


12. Lentils

Lentils are the best staple foods for many diets. These are excellent sources of vegetarian protein and fiber.

Lentils are all-around food which is known to expand the blood vessels within your body. This expansion will lower your blood pressure.

Many people use these pulses as a vegetarian alternative to beef.

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13. Garlic

foods to lower your blood pressure - garlic

A study found that garlic reduces blood pressure by increasing the nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide helps in promoting the widening of arteries to reduce blood pressure.

Garlic has natural antibiotic and antifungal properties. An active ingredient in garlic, allicin, is associated with many health benefits.

Using garlic instead of salt can further promote your heart health.


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By maintaining a heart-healthy diet, you can reduce your risk of hypertension and can live a stress-free life.

Include these foods in your diet and engage in proper physical activity to lower your blood pressure and promote health overall.