15 Healthiest Foods to Eat Before And After Workout

foods to eat before after workout

Your body is like your vehicle and you have to keep your engine running when you work out. That means eating the right foods and drinking the right fluids at the right times is important.

Figuring out what to eat before and after a workout can be a tough one. Now, you don’t need to worry anymore!

We’ve consulted some registered dietitians and made a complete list of healthy foods that will optimize your results.

Here’s the list of foods to eat before and after your workout, to fuel up your muscles and energy.


Healthiest Foods to Eat Before and After Your Workout:


Why it is Important to Eat Before Workout?

Not eating food before your workout is like “driving a car on the empty tank”.

Research shows that your body burns some amount of fat while doing exercise, whether you eat or do not eat before workout.

When you’re hungry, your body goes to survival mode and starts drawing protein from muscle instead of from kidneys and liver. Moreover, a regular workout with an empty stomach may cause muscle loss.

Not eating enough food before a workout can make you dizzy and more likely you’re going to injure yourself.

And also skipping food can negatively impact your performance and reduce your gains. Plus, if you exercise on an empty stomach, you’re not giving enough energy to maximize your workout and reducing your ability to burn calories.

That’s why it is important to eat before you go for a workout. Now let’s check what foods are best before work out.


What to Eat Before a Workout?

Aim to have a snack or a meal between 1 – 3 hours before your workout.

The pre-workout meal must be in the form of complex carbohydrates and simple crabs. So, the release of energy during your workout will be slow and steady. In addition to the pre-workout meal, it is good to consume a little bit of protein.

Avoid saturated fats because those types of foods will digest slower in your stomach and take away oxygen from muscles.

Here are a few workout meals and snacks to keep you energized during your workout:

  • Brown rice with black beans,
  • Fruit-and-Yogurt smoothie,
  • Greek Yogurt with trail mix,
  • Banana with almond butter,
  • Oatmeal with low-fat milk and fruits,
  • Apple and walnuts,
  • Low-fat latte and an apple.

These are the best foods to eat before you work out. Now let’s discuss the importance of post-workout meal and the list of foods to eat after your workout.


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Why it is Important to Eat After Your Workout?

Make sure to refuel your body by eating something very soon after a workout. To understand how foods will help your body after exercise, it is important to know how your body gets affected after physical activity.

During the workout, your muscles depleted their glycogen stores for fuel. This results in your muscles’ being partial break down of glycogen. Some of the proteins in your muscles also broken down and damaged.

So what you will eat after your workout will help your muscles to build their lost glycogen stores and also to repair and regrows the muscle proteins.

Don’t forget to refill your body within two hours of your workout. So how sooner you start eating, the better off you will be.


What to Eat After a Workout?

Aim to have a snack or meal immediately after your workout. Because of the timing of your post-workout meal matters a lot.

When it comes to what to eat after a workout, you may require a little bit of extra protein (especially if your goal is to rebuild muscle proteins).

Consuming an adequate amount of protein and little carbohydrate is best immediately after exercise.

The following foods are the great meal ideas that provide you with all the nutrients that you need after exercise.

  • Grilled chicken with roasted vegetables,
  • Greek Yogurt with berries,
  • Chocolate milk,
  • Salmon with sweet potato,
  • Whole-grain turkey wrap,
  • Egg and whole-wheat toast,
  • Apple with almond or peanut butter,
  • Tuna on salad sandwich on whole-grain bread.


Drink Water Properly:

Make sure you drink plenty of water before and after your workout. This can help you recover and also level you up for next-day performance.

Properly hydration will help you to ensure the internal environment of your body to increase the results.

While sweating you lose water and electrolytes, so try to replenish the fluids as soon as possible because replenishing the lost fluids is even more important than eating right away. So, don’t forget to hydrate your body.

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This is the complete guide of foods to eat before and after a workout.

If you have any queries regarding these tips, let me know in the comments section down below! We’re always here to help you out!


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