How To Get Fit Fast – 16 Clever Fitness Hacks For Lazy Girls

fitness hacks for lazy girls

Are you a lazy girl? And failing to spare enough time to exercise? Or looking forward to becoming healthy without breaking the sweat?

Whatever the reason, just try these clever fitness hacks for lazy girls that will give you great muscle strength without much effort.

These fitness hacks don’t require a gym membership and are pretty easy to do in the comfort of your home. These can be done easily even if you’re busy and give great results.

So try to implement these 16 fitness hacks in your daily routine and see the results.


Clever Fitness Hacks For Lazy Girls:


1. Go on Walk During Long Phone Calls:

When you’re talking to your long-distance mom or friend, use that time to go on a walk.

Believe me, it is the easiest and cleverest way to get an extra edge of exercise during that time rather than doing nothing.

Talking with forever friends will make the time fly off. And at the same time, you’ll have your daily workout done.


2. Workout First Thing in The Morning:

Once you are done with your morning workout, consider you come across the most difficult part of the day.

But this will make your body to relax and to keep your brain calm completely throughout the day.

But when you postpone it after your work or at the end of the day, you feel tired to do it and most probably you tend to skip it.


3. Have Some Carb Before Your Workout:

Pre-workout snacks are important to fuel up your body with energy for better workout performance.

So try to eat simple carbs 30 minutes before your workout to make it effective. During the workout, those carbs are absorbed, digested quickly by providing you the necessary energy.


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4. Keep it Short:

When compared to long workouts, short and intense workouts are the best to choose.

Because for shorter workouts you don’t need to push yourself. Just hit for a short time and give your best!


5. Exercise During Your Favorite TV Shows:

I know we always have time for watching our favorite shows. Use that time as smart you can. If you feel any distraction from your favorite TV show or don’t want to distract, do it during advertisements.

Try some quick planks or tricep dips during those commercial breaks that will become your mini workouts.


6. Hit The Floor:

Find the exercises that will hit your floor size like Planks, Side Pilates, etc. They are easy to do and help you to burn fat.

They don’t require standing and you can still do them while on the bed. Just lying on the floor, you will get a super workout.


7. Get Your Gear Ready the Night Before:

In order to save time in the morning, get your gear ready a night before your workout. Also, pack your clothes and all the things that you need in advance will make it convenient for you in the morning.

So that you don’t need to rush out right before your workout. And by doing so, you don’t have any chance to skip it.


8. Stand for Every Hour:

Our daily lives are changing rapidly, as AI is building at the speed of knots jobs are more tending to be in sitting position.

We all know that sitting for all day is bad for health. Try to make a continuous effort to stand at least once an hour even though you’re too busy.

If you’re too rush to remember it, it’s better to put an alarm, it will make a buzz to get you up.


9. Turn Your Everyday Activities Into a Workout:

Everyday activities are great ways to turn them into exercise forms. Ditch the elevator and use stairs whenever possible and use that chance to change your lifestyle.

And seriously things like grocery shopping and cleaning are the best forms for your exercise.


10. Run For Atleast one Song:

Take some time to put all your favorite songs filled in your playlists. The research found that the music changes the way of the people even when they feel overtired.

Instead of being lazy, tell yourself to run for at least one song. Plugin earphones, listen to your favorite album, and then make a run, you won’t even notice how the minutes went.


11. Change Your Commute:

If you’re going to the places near to your house, consider riding your bike or walking, instead of using a car or any public transport. Half an hour of the bike riding burns an average of 200 calories.

So make bike riding or walking as a portion of your commute, it not only saves your money but also makes your things active by burning calories. Hence it is the cleverer way to win to total health as well!


12. Make it Routine:

When you feel it hard to work out, you’ll always try to skip it. Set a time in your day that is most comfortable for you to work out and do it consistently for weeks.

When you do things consistently for a few days, then it will become your daily routine and then you can start feeling your results.


13. Drink Green Tea at Least Once In A Day:

If you feel too tired to hit the gym, then have some sips of green tea.

Sipping green tea at least once a day will give you more energy for most of the day and it is linked to better workout performance. Green tea increases metabolism and it is good for your weight loss goals.

14. Drink Plenty of Water:

Drinking more water keeps you hydrated and helps to burn fat naturally. Properly being hydrated improves your workout performance.

So make a habit of keeping a bottle of water with you wherever you go and keeping your body hydrated will also make your skin look flawless.


15. Spend More Time in Bed:

Everyone needs seven to nine hours of healthy sleep to keep energized throughout the day and also during your workout. Your best work comes from your best sleep.

We need enough sleep to make our body to tend to work out right in the morning.


16. Set Small and Realistic Goals:

Start with small and realistic goals, if you want to accomplish them. They will give you positive reinforcement for you when you achieve them.



Start getting in shape and lead an active lifestyle with these clever fitness hacks. These fitness hacks for lazy girls will definitely make your life a bit easier without taking your time.

If you have any queries regarding this content, let me know in the comments below!


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