12 Ways To Cut Down On Sugar While Dieting

how to cut down on sugar

So, you have planned to start dieting but have you planned to cut down sugar from your daily food?

Are you aware of how sugar is affecting your body? Do you know that sugar is one of the main reasons for obesity?

If you haven’t thought about cutting down sugar while dieting, we would suggest you look first on it.

Excessive intake of sugar can harm your body in every possible way. However, we have mentioned that obesity is one huge contribution of sugar, but it also plays an active role in heart disease, tooth decay, etc.

So, is natural sugar also harmful equally? No, definitely not! Natural sugar is present in vegetables and fruits, and this type of sugar has minimal impact on our health.

Natural sugar is a gift from our mother nature and is beneficial for our health. Our enemy is the added sugar in processed food that is not good for our health.

According to research, the average number of Americans likely to have 17 teaspoons of added sugar each day. Experts say this is far more than the daily limit of 25grams (6 teaspoons) for women and 37 grams (9 teaspoons) for men.

Today, we are going to discuss every aspect of sugar in detail.

Let’s begin.


Understanding The Significance of Sugar in Our Body

Though today, we will focus mainly on eliminating sugar from our food while dieting, we cannot deny that sugar has some significance.

Without sugar, our body may not function properly. It is better to have control of sugar intake than complete removal. Let us see how sugar can be useful:


Primary Energy Source

Sugar contains lactose and sucrose, also called table sugar, with other carbohydrates divided into small sugar particles during digestion.

You will find table sugar in most of the diets of Americans. Glucose is the actual source of energy and also helps in the increase of production in our body.

As we have discussed how natural sugar adds value to our health, so cutting down sugar isn’t what you should do completely. When you are dieting, do not forget to add:

  • Carbohydrates like bread, rice, etc. You should consult your dietician regarding the quantity.
  • Adding plenty of fruits to your diet.
  • Leafy and green vegetables
  • Dairy products which are free of fat or lower in fat
  • Adding a protein like meat, eggs, nuts, etc.


Effects of Excessive Sugar Intake & Why You Should Avoid It?

From peanut butter to syrups, added sugar and preservatives are available in most food items.

Due to the busy lifestyle, many of us depend on fast and processed food that directly contributes to high-calorie intake. According to our sources, 17% of calories in adults and 14% among the children is the US’s condition.

Having the right intake of sugar is the next best action that you must take while dieting.

We have gathered a few reasons to support sugar cut down:

High Increase in Weight

Obesity is the most talked topic among people. Significantly, among teenagers, obesity is increasing at an alarming rate.

Frequent intake of sugary drinks like juices, soda has high added sugar, which is the main enemy of weight gain.

Such foods include fructose, which triggers hunger and compels you to have more such drinks than glucose. Processed foods do not satisfy your hunger but push the desire to have more food. It is where weight gain comes into the picture.

Not only to weight gain, having sugar added beverages can cause diabetes and heart diseases.


Connection to Acne

So, if you think acne is causing you much misery, you can relate. Intake of continuous sugar contained food and drinks can lead you to have acne-prone skin.

Processed food influences your blood sugar and increases the birth of androgen and insulin levels, including the high production of oil.

If your diet has low glycemic, the rate of acne reduces drastically. According to a source, in a study of 2,300 teenagers gives us the picture of a high risk of developed acne due to the frequent consumption of sugar-added drinks.


Speeds Up The Process of Aging

Aging is a natural process, and the fine lines on our skin are visible. As time flies, people age, no matter what their health condition is.

But, if you are more into processed food, your fine lines can get more attention than you. It is possible to slow down the process of aging with the right kind of diet.

Products that contain glycation play an active role in aging. Glycation is a compound that forms from the reactions of protein and sugar.

Despite being younger, premature aging is a typical picture among teenagers who excessively have sugar-processed drinks or food.

Elastin and collagen are responsible for holding the youth of our skin. But if they are damaged, the skin tends to be wrinkly and sagging.


Develops The Rate of Cancer

We have discussed how sugar takes part in obesity. A person who is suffering from increased weight has an equal possibility for cancer.

Overconsumption of sugar added foods trigger the rate of cancer. If your body experiences high inflammation, it can pave the path of cancer.

More than 43,0000 people are associated with a high risk of cancers like pleural, esophageal, and small intestine cancel due to high sugar consumption.

Women, who intake sweet cookies and buns in a larger quantity every week, were 1.42 times at a high risk of having endometrial cancer.


Developing Type 2 Diabetes

The increased level of Diabetes and the greater intake of added sugar go hand in hand.

From a few years, the increase in Diabetes has been more than usual. With increased weight gain due to sugar consumption is one of the most critical reasons for Diabetes.

Also, high insulin drives the blood sugar level and raises the prospect of Diabetes.

A study mentions that more than 175 countries have observed the danger of evolving diabetes growth by 1.1% for every 150 calories of sugar every day.


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Products That Have Excessive Sugar

We hope you have received a clear picture of what can happen due to the overconsumption of sugar from the above.

In this part, we are going to help you to identify some products which have high sugar. Let us have a look:


Tomato Ketchup

This is a well-known condiment available with added sugar. Many of us use ketchup with noodles or many other items.

A single teaspoon of ketchup is equal to 1 teaspoon of sugar. Be very careful when you are looking out for ketchup.


Fruit Juice

No doubt, fruit juice contains many vitamins and minerals. Though fruit juice appears to be healthy, it can contain lots of sugar.

It takes lots of fruits to make a glass of juice, and the juice available in the market uses added sugar to maintain the taste of food and color—fruit juice to maintain your body’s strength. But if you are opting for packaged juice, you are making the wrong choice.

It is better to have a whole fruit or make juice from fruit than consuming the packaged juice.



Generally, Granola is low-fat food available in the market. Despite being low fat, it is rich in sugar.

The primary in Granola, the main ingredient is oats. Rolled plain oats are well balanced.

Granola’s oats are combined with honey and nuts, including added sugar, which develops sugar’s richness.


Flavor Contained Coffee

Another added sugar item is a very trendy flavored coffee. You will find 45 grams of sugar or more in any flavored coffee, equal to 11 teaspoons of sugar.

It is better to have flavorless coffee as this flavored coffee is harming your health directly.

Other items which contain added sugar are:

  •       Chocolate milkshake
  •       Sports Drinks
  •       Spaghetti sauce
  •       Iced tea
  •       Baked beans which are available in cans
  •       Smoothies
  •       Protein and cereal bars
  •       Fruits available in the cans.


12 Best Ways to Cut Down on Sugar While Dieting

Though there are various ways to cut down sugar while dieting, we have selected the top 12 ways to work miraculously on you. Let’s see what those are:


1. Eat Well

Enrich your diet full of green and leafy vegetables and fruits. Make your diet a powerhouse of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Make sure if you are adding juice to your meal, it should be free of added sugar, or else, it will waste all your efforts.


2. Stop Having Soft Drinks

A critical step towards cutting down sugar is resisting yourself from soft drinks.

You might intake a quick lump of these sugar-added soft drinks, but in this way, you are making a home for excess sugar in your body. Go for coconut water or flavorless coffee to quench your thirst.


3. Avoid Keeping Sugar at Home

Possibly, this is the best way to keep yourself from the reach of sugar. Stop keeping food with high sugar in your fridge. We acknowledge protein bars, candies, buns, chocolate milk are impossible to resist.

But if you ought to have a healthy diet, you got to stop yourself from having these sugary delicacies.


4. Go For Fruits

Natural sugar from nature is helpful in our health and has significantly less effect.

Avoid grabbing packaged fruit juice that includes high preservatives and added sugar, which is incredibly harmful. Give more effort into having a whole fruit instead of juice.


5. Use Natural Sweeteners

We know how deserts are totally irresistible after every meal. Sweet dishes like a brownie are loved, especially among teenagers.

Brownies are processed and sugar-added food, which can waste your constant workout and planned diet. Replace brownies and buns with juicy fruits, which are natural sweeteners as they have less sugar in them.


6. Sleep Well

A high intake of sugar can be one of the causes of your sleepless nights. Having frequent high-calorie, junk food, soft drinks like soda over fruits, vegetables, and meat can give you more stress, which results in less sleep.

Insufficient sleep can cause low concentration, poor immune function. Eating good and avoiding sugar as much as you can give you food sleep can help you in the long run.


7. Don’t Forget to Read Labels

Cutting down on sugar will not be possible if you are buying food without checking the labels. However, there is significantly less food available that does not have added sugar, but it is vital to have a check before buying.

Some foods also display no added sugar, but you might discover some unique names if you check the ingredients. There are many names of added sugar. We have listed the most used ones below:

  •       Fructose Syrup
  •       Maltose
  •       Dextrose
  •       Caramel
  •       Molasses
  •       Cane sugar
  •       Rice Syrup

Discard buying those foods which do not show the amount of sugar on the labels.


8. Stay Hydrated

Do you know that drinking plenty of water can balance your sugar level? Having plenty of water throughout the day mixes the massive amount of sugar in our blood.

It will fight with sudden hunger and diminishes the resistance of insulin. Make a habit of drinking at least 5 to 6 liters of water daily to stay hydrated enough.


9. Say ‘NO’ to Sweeteners

If you are using artificial sweeteners like low-calorie, sugar-free, you might be making the wrong choice. You will find these words on some of the packaged foods like chewing gums, mixes, desserts, etc., which will misguide you.

These are marketing strategies that are used by the advertisers to increase the sale of the product. It is better to avoid sweeteners than relying on the sayings on the level.


10. Consider Whole Foods

Getting used to whole food instead of refined grains will be an excellent choice for your health.

Many health professionals say that having whole food is terrific for developing health and keeping away from diseases.

Whole foods like grains, legumes, and nuts have fiber not present in sugar-added and processed food. Whole foods have natural and minimal sugar, which are less harmful.


11. Take The Help of Supplements

Various supplements have various benefits. They are a lot helpful in curbing sugar and decrease the urge to have sugar among us.

Magnesium plays an active role in regulating glucose and insulin in our body. If your body has less magnesium, you might crave more sugar, for example, chocolates.

Supplements like Zinc, Vitamin B complex, Chromium picolinate, Resveratrol, Lipoic acid, fish oil, Lipase, and much more help uproot sugar cravings.


12. Add More Proteins to Your Diet.

Taking high protien foods will help you to cut down on sugar quickly. A diet full of proteins can do wonders on your health and control sugar levels. Make your breakfast the most power-packed breakfast with the goodness of eggs, oatmeal, Almonds, salads, etc.

High protein intake can help you cut down sugar and give the feeling of healthy from inside. Once you start feeling the goodness of proteins, you will not feel the craving for sugar ever!


Advantages of Avoiding Sugar in Food

As you start to make efforts towards a better and healthier life, you will be awestruck to know the fascinating benefits of avoiding sugar in your food.

Keeping a balanced sugar level will help you to keep out many health threats.


Gives Your Teeth a Better Life

Our mouth is already a home for many good and bad bacteria. These harmful bacteria become more powerful and produce acid when it comes in contact with sugar.

It destroys our teeth from the roots. Excessive in taking sugar results in cavities and dental plaque.

You will often find your mouth to be acidic, which means your mouth’s PH balance is getting altered. Reducing sugary drinks and candies can be a great help for your teeth.


Enhances Skin Quality

Once you start cutting down on sugar, you will start feeling the difference in your skin’s quality.

The two main proteins- elastin and collagen, gain life and bring your skin’s natural youthfulness. Cutting down on sugar brings out the long lost clarity in your skin.


Reduction in The Possibility of Cardiovascular Conditions

Insulin is the primary hormone that splits sugar to distribute energy to all parts of our body.

Having too much sugar develops fat cells, which leads to obesity. Instead of having sugar, try to have healthy fats, which will help you reduce fat and lower cardiac diseases.


Lightens Your Mood

Though sugar is not directly responsible for your reduced mental health, it can trigger the symptoms.

We have researched and found that having sugary drinks can disable the possibility to cope with anxiety. You may also experience less stress and feel full of life with less sugar.



That’s all. These are the best ways to cut down on sugar. By now, you must have understood what harm you have been doing to yourself while intaking excessive sugar.

As you are on a diet now, we urge you to consult your trainer and your dietitian, helping you work out your diet.

Also, it becomes your responsibility to keep yourself out of the reach of sugar cravings. We acknowledge that it is hard, but humankind is known to conquer almost everything. Start focusing more on health, and you shall succeed.


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