10 Best Vitamins And Supplements For Weight Loss

best vitamins for weight loss

Since childhood, we’ve heard that vitamins are necessary for our physical well being. But, do you even know that they can aid in weight loss?

Yes, vitamins and minerals are essential things to stabilize our metabolism. They will also maintain a good digestive system.

But not all vitamins work in the same manner. There are specific vitamins for weight loss that work more efficiently than others.

So, you need the right balance and the appropriate intake of vitamins and minerals. This will keep your health on the right track.

But as we already mentioned, not all the nutrients are effective if you are targeting to shed some pounds.

And for that, you need to know about the right vitamins for weight loss that you need to incorporate into your diet plan.


Can You Consider Vitamins As Essential Supplements For Weight Loss?

Although vitamins don’t play a major role, some vitamins provide a significant boost in weight loss.

You need to change your diet first and adapt to a more neutral and balanced diet to speed up your weight loss journey.

Yet, you can cut down your calorie intake but cannot cut down other vital nutrients like minerals and vitamins.

Some vitamins like Vitamin B12 and D can effectively improve the metabolism of your body.

And vitamins can enhance the fat and carbohydrate synthesis in the human body by speeding up the metabolism.

Besides, vitamins are also necessary to have good bone and muscle health. It is also necessary to charge up your immune system to prevent diseases.


Can Vitamins Help To Lose Weight?

If you want a direct answer, yes, they can. But, vitamins act passively. It mainly improves the metabolism of your body.

And due to a supercharged metabolism, your body automatically turns into a fat-burning machine. It produces more energy for your daily activity.

Yet, you can’t only rely on vitamins for weight loss. You need an active lifestyle with an ample amount of physical exercise to burn more calories than you intake.

Besides, you also need to adopt a balanced diet with low fat and moderate carbohydrates.

Besides having an active lifestyle, you can use some essential supplements and vitamins for weight loss. Yet, you need to know about the benefits of these nutrients to unlock the real potentials.


Top 10 Nutrients And Vitamins For Weight Loss


1. Vitamin D

Vitamins for Weight Loss - vitamin DWithout a doubt, vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins for weight loss. And there are several studies to prove this fact.

We usually get our regular dose of vitamin D from the sunlight as our body can naturally produce it. But often, the amount of vitamins produced in our body is not entirely sufficient.

And for that, it affects our health in many ways. This vitamin is also an essential component of calcium synthesis in our bodies. And directly, this vitamin influences bone health.

Besides its direct relation with weight loss, vitamin D is essential for several body parts. Even our hair, nails, and eyes benefit from it.

There are several natural sources of vitamin D, such as egg yolk, COD liver oil, ricotta cheese, and fortified cereals.

Many veggies and fruits with a good amount of vitamin D can be incorporated into a plant-based diet. Try incorporating avocado, broccoli, squash, peaches, and papaya into your diet.


2. Vitamin B

Vitamins for Weight Loss - vitamin B

Vitamin B6 and B12 are the main vitamins for weight loss that you need. But, detailed studies need to be conducted to know about the specific relation of these vitamins with bodyweight.

Vitamin B12 influences the Krebs cycle in our bodies. It is the way our body breaks down carbohydrates to make sugar.

If we have the right amount of vitamin B12 through our diet, our body can effectively synthesize the carbs to generate energy.

This vitamin is also water-soluble and can be found in many natural sources. Vitamin B6 and B12 are not just necessary for weight loss but are also needed for our physical wellbeing.

You can get a good amount of vitamin B from lean meat, dairy products, including cheese, eggs, and seafood.

Vegetarian people can get their vitamin B supply from seeds, nuts, whole grains, and squash. You can also eat fruits such as apples, bananas, and grapes with a good amount of vitamin B.


3. Iron


Do you know how Popeye got his immense strength from spinach? It is due to the high iron content of this leafy vegetable.

Iron plays a pivotal role in making energy from nutrients. It also carries oxygen in our cells and helps to burn fat. And a deficiency in this essential mineral can lead to a deadly disease called anemia.

If your body has an iron deficit, you will feel weakness and fatigue. You will also feel a low energy level that can ultimately lead to insufficient exercise.

So, in many ways, iron can contribute to your weight-loss journey. People who donate blood or ladies with heavy menstruation cycles can have an iron deficiency.

You can eat lean meats and shellfish as these are a good source of iron. Vegetarians can rely on spinach and beans to get their daily dose.

Interestingly, iron-rich foods also have vitamin C. So you can eat tomato and strawberries in your diet to get enough of both iron and vitamin C.


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4. Calcium

Vitamins for Weight Loss - calcium

As we have mentioned earlier, vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins for weight loss. But your body needs calcium to unlock the real potential of this vitamin.

This mineral is vital for the proper functioning of our heart, muscles, and bones. Besides, it is also a critical component of our teeth and hair.

If you have the proper amount of calcium present in your body, it can stimulate the fat-burning process. Calcium can also directly affect thermogenesis by increasing the core temperature of our body.

And with that, it can also influence the overall digestive mechanism to burn nutrients more efficiently.

Dairy products are the best source of calcium you can have. From cheese to pasteurized milk, almost all dairy products have a good dose of calcium.

But if you follow veganism, you can get your daily dose of calcium from green leafy vegetables like okra and kale. You can also get it from bread made with fortified flour.


5. Magnesium


Magnesium can directly influence energy production in your body through metabolism. Recent studies claim that this mineral can impact more than 300 enzyme systems in the human body.

Besides, it can regulate blood pressure and blood glucose levels. Magnesium is also necessary for the strength of your bones and nervous system.

But you need to intake magnesium in moderation, as too much of it can lead to diarrhea. And if you can take it in the right amount, it can influence the fat metabolism in your body.

It will stimulate your metabolism to burn stored fat to convert it to energy effectively. Besides, it will also prevent storing new fats.

There are several natural sources like leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes, that have a good amount of magnesium.

Besides, spinach has the right amount of iron and magnesium combined. But do not overeat nuts to get a good dose of magnesium as nuts are also too high in calories.


6. Chromium

chromiumAlthough it is less known, chromium is one of the critical minerals and vitamins for weight loss. As we all know, insulin influences the metabolism of carbs in our body.

And chromium enhances the production as well as the effectiveness of insulin. This mineral can also lower your appetite and decrease your overall body fat percentage.

Chromium directly boosts muscle mass while helping you burn more calories during exercise. You need up to a gram of chromium each day, depending on your diet and lifestyle.

But don’t consume it too much as it will lead you to irritability, insomnia, and headache. You can also face difficulty in thinking.

You can get a sufficient amount of chromium from potatoes, grape juice, and broccoli. Besides, you can get it from whole wheat bread and English muffins.

If you are on a lean meat diet, you can get it from poultry and beef. Milk and other dairy items are also a great source of chromium.


7. Probiotics


Probiotics are good bacteria that can help you to have a healthy gut. It can affect your metabolism and work similarly as vitamins do for weight loss.

There are several bacteria that can be found in our gut that can influence the fat and carbohydrate synthesis in your digestive system.

Lactobacillus gasseri shows the prominent result in weight loss. Many studies claim that it has anti-obesity effects.

Other strains of the Lactobacillus family, like Lactobacillus amylovorus and Lactobacillus Fermentum, help to maintain weight. And with a proper diet plan, it can also lead to weight loss.

Probiotics can also help you to have healthy cardiovascular activity. It can also reduce inflammation in your body and can help fight anxiety and depression.

You can get a sufficient amount of probiotics from fermented dairy products like yogurt and cheese. Besides, you can also take probiotic supplements that are now available in the market.


8. Matcha Green Tea

matcha green teaMatcha is a traditional variant of green tea that is extremely popular in East Asian countries like China and Japan.

But it has now become popular in several parts of the world due to its immense health benefits. This variant of green tea is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins for weight loss.

Several studies claimed that Matcha could increase thermogenesis in the human body. It can increase up to 43% with a proper diet plan.

And due to that, our body can effectively burn fat and convert it to energy. Besides accelerating fat metabolism, Matcha can also eliminate the chance of new accumulation of fat cells in the human body.

You can buy Matcha from your nearby supermarkets or can also order it online. But you need to be sure about the authenticity and the purity of the product.

So, it is better to read the label first before buying a pack of Matcha. However, you need to drink this variant of green tea without sugar to decrease the calorie intake.


9. Fish Oil

fish oilFish oil is primarily derived from the fat tissues of oily fishes. It is loaded with a miracle substance called Omega-3 fatty acids.

This vital nutrient helps our body in many ways. And among those, helping in weight loss is one. Omega-3 fatty acids not only boost your overall metabolism but also suppress appetite and hunger sensation.

It also improves the effectiveness of exercise as it can accelerate the fat burning process during heavy workouts.

This nutrient can also tune your body to burn fat more efficiently. So with minimal effort, you can burn more fat with the proper dose of Omega-3 fatty acid that you can get from fish oils.

There are several fish oil supplements available in your local supermarket. Besides, you can also get it online.

However, you need to check out the purity and review of other users before buying any specific brand. Vegetarian people can get Omega-3 fatty acids from chia seeds, flaxseeds, and walnuts.


10. Protein Powder

protein powderNeedless to say, protein is one of the key ingredients that we need to maintain our muscle mass. But several protein supplements are also loaded with vitamins for weight loss.

It is highly unlikely to get a proper amount of protein each day just through our regular diet plan. You need to adapt to high-protein diets or a balanced diet to get it.

Our demand for protein is different as it varies with body type and activity level. People with a high exercise routine need much more protein than people with a less active lifestyle.

So, you should consult your dietician to know about the protein demand of your body and then make a plan accordingly.

You can get a sufficient amount of protein from lean meat, eggs, and dairy products. Vegetarian people can get it from whole grains, legumes, beans, and soya chunks.

But you can also consume protein supplements like protein powder and protein bars to get the right amount of it in your body.



So these are the best nutrients and vitamins for weight loss that you need to incorporate into your diet.

But you need to understand that these nutrients cannot control your weight all by itself. And you need an active lifestyle with a proper diet plan to get the result.

An active lifestyle will not just help you to shed some pounds from your body. It will also help overcome cardiovascular diseases, anxiety, and other hazardous issues.


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