10 Best Fat Burning Drinks To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

fat burning drinks

We all look for the magic potion that can accelerate our fat burning process, isn’t it? Most artificial products and supplements are entirely marketing gimmicks and do not work at all.

But there are ways to eliminate excess fat by consuming some of the best fat-burning drinks each day.

According to a 2020 report by WHO, 39% of the adult work population is overweight. And even more surprisingly, the population of obese people has tripled in the last 40 years.

A 2009 Paper on Obesity also revealed that the United States alone spends nearly $147 billion per year on the treatment of obese people.

But do you know that we have many natural things which we can use to lose weight? Yes, you can make several smoothies and juices from natural resources to fight your obesity issues.

And without any doubt, those are the best fat burning drinks you can entirely rely on.


Tune Your Body For Fat Burning

Although we accumulate fat all over our body, the belly is the ugliest of all. It is a region that catches our eyes first.

Besides, it also looks odd to wear even the prettiest of clothes if we have a large fatty belly.

We all want to burn that belly fat. But do you know that you need to tune your body for doing that? Yes, you need to make your body a fat-burning machine.

There are several great diet plans that you can follow to pace up your weight-loss goals.

However, you have to be consistent with your diet and take up exercises to witness the actual benefits. You can follow the following diets to tune your body to burn excess fat.

  • Low-carb, high-protein diet
  • A low-fat, medium-carb, high-protein diet
  • A high-carb, low-protein diet
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Ketogenic diet

However, you can opt for the best fat burning drinks to aid these diets. Fat-burning drinks are also rich in vital nutrients and antioxidants that also boost our immune system.


Following A Juice-Based Diet

Many people suggest a 5-day drink-based diet. In this method, you need to just consume healthy drinks like vegetable juices and coconut water to burn your fat at a rapid pace.

However, it can be a little tricky for people with diuretic problems.

It is a great option to start with a moderate-carb diet and then go for a low-carb diet. Once you are accustomed to eating low calories, you can begin your juice-based diet.

Besides, you can also mix a balanced diet with the best fat-burning drinks to help you lose weight.

BewareConsult your doctor before starting your juice-based diet if you have any existing health issues.

There are several drinks available in the market that claim to burn fat. But most of these are loaded with artificial flavorings and harmful chemicals.

So, being extra cautious about choosing the best fat burning drinks that work for you will be helpful. And to help you with that here goes the list of the best natural drinks.


10 Best Fat Burning Drinks To Lose Weight


1. Green Tea

fat burning drinks - green tea

People have been drinking this miraculous potion for ages to boost their weight loss journey.

And now, it is even backed by several scientific research works. Without a doubt, green tea has already established itself as the champion among the best fat burning drinks.

Several studies have also found that it accelerates overall fat metabolism to restrict the accumulation of new fatty cells.

Besides, it can effectively protect you from certain types of cancers as well as from several autoimmune diseases like diabetes. Green tea also has a great aroma and flavor so that you can enjoy it while sipping.

Benefits Of Green Tea

  • It is loaded with an antioxidant called catechins that not only helps to break the fat cells but also supercharges your metabolic system.
  • Green tea has a good amount of caffeine that can boost your energy. You can continue your exercise for a longer period of time.
  • It can control blood pressure and safeguard you from several cardiovascular diseases.


2. Coffee

fat burning drinks - coffee

People around the globe use coffee to boost their energy. It is a snake charmer for people with low energy levels, even after their long day of work.

But it also has several effects that can help you to lose weight at a rapid pace. Besides, coffee can also list your mood in no time.

This aromatic drink is loved by most people globally due to its benefits besides the relishing taste.

Besides coffee, you can also consume coffee-based beverages to get the same benefits. But beware; you should stay away from drinks with artificial beverages and sweeteners.

Benefits Of Coffee

  • People who take up to 6mg of caffeine per kg of their body weight tend to consume fewer
  • The caffeine content in coffee effectively increases your metabolism and helps your digestive system burn fatty products with ease.
  • Coffee can instantly list your mood, thus eliminating the chance of stress-induced hormones forming in your body.


3. Apple Cider Vinegar

fat burning drinks - apple cider vinegar

Over the last few decades, apple cider vinegar has claimed its place among the best fat-burning drinks.

If you consume a few tablespoons of this each day, you can easily regulate the blood sugar level of your body. Besides, this excellent drink can also help you to lose weight at an incredible pace.

It contains a great amount of acetic acid that can slow down stomach activity. And for that, you feel full for a longer period in time, thus consuming less food.

Acetic acid can also help your body burn fat much faster. Apple cider vinegar also eliminates the sugar level spike.

Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Several scientific studies have already proved that the acetic acid content in apple cider could effectively fight obesity.
  • It can eliminate the chance of belly fat accumulation. Besides, it also lowers the overall fat percentage in your body.
  • It can reduce the cholesterol level in your body and safeguard you from several cardiovascular diseases.


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4. Cucumber Juice

fat burning drinks - cucumber juice

You can’t find any other vegetable having these few calories than the cucumber. And for that, cucumber can be your ideal friend if you want to decrease your overall calorie intake.

If you consume cucumber during your meal, it can make you full without the burden of any additional calories.

It is primarily made of just water and soluble fiber. Due to its high water content, it can also guard you against the dehydration problem.

Besides, it also has a refreshing taste that can instantly energize you. If you are staying in a hot climate, cucumber juice can also regulate your body temperature.

Benefits Of Cucumber Juice

  • It is high in soluble fiber and water. So, it has a very minimal calorie count that is necessary for your weight loss regime.
  • Due to its water content, cucumber juice can guard you against kidney stones and constipation-related issues.
  • It is loaded with vitamin K that can improve the calcium retention capacity in your body.


5. Lemon Juice

lemon juice

Even our ancestors knew about the positive effect of lemon in our body. And for that, they started using it to cleanse and detoxify the body.

But now, scientists have also proved that lemon juice can be super effective even in weight loss. If you can drink lemon juice regularly, it will help you to maintain a healthy weight.

Lemon juice typically contains around 6% citric acid by volume. It has a pH level of 2.2 that makes the distinct sour taste of lemon juice.

You can take lemon juice right after you wake up to stabilize your digestive system. Besides, you can also detox your body from harmful toxins if you can take it each day.

Benefits Of Lemon Juice

  • It contains a tremendous amount of polyphenol antioxidants that promote weight loss at a rapid pace.
  • If you take it in the morning, it can solve the constipation problem and stabilize your digestive system.
  • Vitamin C in lemon juice can guard you against harmful free radicals in your body.


6. Celery Juice

celery juice

One of the most common herbs around the world, Celery, has several properties that are beneficial for our body.

In addition, celery juice is one of the best fat burning drinks you can have each day. It is loaded with vitamins and essential minerals. These properties not only help you to lose weight but also help you to stay fit.

Celery juice can supercharge your immune system to fight against harmful bacteria and viruses.

It is also diuretic in nature. So, it helps the kidney flush the overabundant liquid that can harm your body. You can either take it during breakfast or can take it in-between meals to unlock the real potential.

Benefits Of Celery Juice

  • It will make you full without any burden of calorie over-intake. Besides, it will also minimize your hunger sensation.
  • Celery juice has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that can alleviate muscle fatigue and joint pains.
  • It is loaded with several antioxidants that are also ideal for menstrual pain.


7. Vegetable Juice

vegetable juice

A little surprising for many people, isn’t it? While we mainly connect fruit juice with weight loss, you can get equal benefits from vegetable juices.

Several scientific studies have already revealed that vegetable juices with a low-carb diet can rapidly decrease overall body weight. However, you need to choose the vegetables that have low sodium content.

Vegetables are loaded with vital nutrients and antioxidants that not only keep you fit but also boost your immune system.

Besides, the detoxifying properties of vegetable juice are also excellent for your skin and hair. These juices are also free from artificial flavorings and harmful agents.

Benefits Of Vegetable Juice

  • Vegetable juices contain very few calories, which is ideal for maintaining a healthy weight. Besides, it can make you full for a longer period.
  • It contains a great amount of soluble and dietary fibers that are great for your digestive system.
  • It is loaded with several antioxidants that effectively fight against harmful toxins and free radicals in your body.


8. High-Protein Drinks

high protein drinks

Although high-protein shakes are typically associated with weight gainers, they are some of the best fat burning drinks.

It can make you full almost instantly after drinking, and it also lasts longer. It can also curb your hunger to help you shed extra weight. Besides, it can also decrease your appetite for good.

A high dose of protein increases the hormone called GLP-1 that is associated with the hunger sensation.

In addition, protein also decreases the overall level of ghrelin that also leads you to have less hunger. And by reducing your appetite, it can restrict your calorie intake to help you lose weight.

Benefits Of Protein Drinks

  • Whey protein is associated with weight loss without harming the natural balance of your body.
  • You can intake protein through various drinks to decrease your carb intake without making yourself less energetic.
  • Protein powder can be mixed with any of your favorite beverages. So, it is easy to consume and also tastes good.


9. Coconut Water

coconut water

Not just a tasty treat, but coconut water has several nutritional properties too. Besides, it can help you to lose weight.

Coconut water is loaded with medium-chain fatty acids that can help to increase your metabolism. And by supercharging your metabolism, it can boost the carb and fat digestion in your system.

If you drink coconut water on a regular basis, it can help your body to burn calories at a faster pace.

It also targets the fat reserves in your body to break down the fat cells to release more energy. Coconut is also very easy to digest as it requires very few enzymes to dissolve it in your stomach completely.

Benefits Of Coconut Water

  • Coconut water is loaded with vitamins A, D, E, and K that are extremely good for your health to stay fit.
  • It resolves your constipation problem and regulates the higher blood pressure and blood glucose level.
  • It is rich in lauric acid and capric acid that has antibacterial and antifungal properties.


10. Water


The most surprising element in this list of best fat burning drinks, water indeed has several benefits.

Surprisingly, it can increase the resting energy burn by up to 30% just after 10 minutes of having a full glass of it. And more resting energy burn means more calorie burn for weight loss.

Since the ancient days, water has been used for several therapeutic purposes to flush harmful chemicals from your body.

Besides, it is also helpful for your kidney as it can prevent stone formation. Moreover, it makes you full to suppress your hunger sensation, thus resulting in less food intake.

Benefits Of Water

  • If you drink around 500 ml of water before your meals, it can speed up the calorie-burning process.
  • Water can effectively cleanse your body as it flushes all the harmful toxins out of your system.
  • It is excellent for your skin and other sensory organs as dehydration can invite several harmful effects.



So, these are the best fat burning drinks you can try. But don’t rely solely on these drinks as you need a balanced diet and proper exercise regime for weight loss.

Besides, don’t try to go on a juice-based diet without consulting your doctor or dietician.


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